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My brothers and I have been very fond of Stunts - the Duel. That's why we have made a lot of tracks: 79 in total! 46 of them have been divided into difficulty paths: 2 is easy, 3 is normal, 4 is rather tough and 5 is difficult. (What happened to 1?)

Because two of my brothers are rather good in programming they made their own editor (which I can't find ), with which we could see the entire map, change the terrain and place things on water. Quite handy.

Unfortunately I am unable to take screenshots of some of the maps. But let me pick some of the best maps. Most maps not in a directory are made by me and therefore less fun.

First ride this track, then compare your result with the highest score. You'd say that's impossible. Well, quite frankly it's not. At the beginning there is a jump-bridge and right after that a looping. The bridge will give you an abnormal high speed (by a bug). Fly through the looping (at the right side) and try to maintain this speed for as long possible. You'll maintain this speed also when you drive over grass. It's very very difficult.

It's just a simple one. No irritating stuff, but fun to do.

Also simple and driven very often by my brothers. A real test case and a good challenge.

2\SPEED & 2\SNELHEID (Dutch for "Speed")
You can guess it. You can drive very fast on these ones! Just watch out for the corner at the end.

3\DUINEN (Dutch for "dunes")
An awesome map, with some neat tricks. This one is a beautiful example of the advantages of our own editor.

The name refers to a level of Wing Commander which was considered very tough. This one isn't as hard as that level. But it does have some nasty things, but is fun to play though.

You need to make some choices in this map, so look at the map carefully before riding it. Furthermore it has some very nasty things.

This one is simply a hell. It usually takes longer than 10 minutes and has an enormous amount of elevated roads! Because this is such a long track, it's very difficult to find a balance between speed and safety.

I'll leave it at this. Have fun with them!