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South Africa
I've been to South Africa from 18-02-2007 till 05-03-2007 for an excursion for my bachelor Human Geography and Planning. Since it made so many impressions on me, I've made a report on it. That was voluntarily, so not of academic level, but easy and interesting to read.

The following projects projects were all for my master Cultural Geography at the Faculty of Spatial Science, University of Groningen:

Music of Nothing ( )
A website made for the course Global Village.

Midden-Aarde bestaat echt
An article for the course Individual Research Training.


This is actually more handy for me than for you. It just contains links I like to visit often. But feel free to take a look. It does give an impression of what my interests are.

Favorite quotes
Some are deep, but most are just funny.

The internet is a very new medium and a lot of people don't know how to keep things a bit organized and clean. I'm not trying to teach, I'm only showing rules made by the first guys on the Internet.

My fictive country. I'm the emperor of it. Especially the atlas is nice. I'm also planning to work this out a bit more, because it's very small yet.

Mah jong
Mah jong is a wonderful game. If you're able to get it, get it! My family is addicted to the game, hence these clarifications. And this is also why everything is in Dutch. (Sorry...)

This is a funny gadget I deviced to keep track of snooker scores of a few friends of mine.

A chick for every letter in the alphabet.


Civilization IV Hall of Fame

Civilization III section
For this game I have been most active. I have an extensive log of the mother of all PBEM's, homemade scenarios & maps and Halls of Fame.

Scenarios for Civilization II
Here it was possible to create certain scenarios too. So I've done that; three of 'em.

Levels for Doom
Also a classic game. I've created 5 levels, so it's not a complete episode, yet. I still got the silly idea of finishing it...

TrackMania Nations records
The best times played by some family members and myself on the tracks made by Nadeo.

Tracks for Stunts - the Duel
My brothers and I have played Stunts a very lot and have made 79 very fun maps. I've reviewed 9 of them.

Map Wizardry VII
The completed map of the fascinating (though perhaps long-winded) role playing game: Wizardry VII: The Crusaders of the Dark Savanth.

Freelancer maps
Freelancer is a multiplayer version of Privateer (Wing Commander spin-off) made by Microsoft. Please give us a Privateer III in time.