Click here to download my levels: (94KB)

This file contains merely the file maarten.wad. To play my levels, you have to place it in your Doom directory and start Doom with this command line: "doom -file maarten.wad".

These are 5 homemade level for the, unfortunately obsolete, game Doom. If I get the opportunity to convert these levels to Quake (II) levels or perhaps Doom 3, I'll finish the episode. For now I leave them for what they are. But still, these are levels I'm proud of because they are really fun to play, so please try them if you know the game!

Level 1: Prologue
This is a rather small level, to start with. There are no extra weapons - only obtainable from sergeants - but there is this number of enemies which you have to shoot down with your pistol... But after everyone's dead, it's only a matter of getting the key, open the door, switch here, switch there, etc., and finish. It might be a bit hard to find your way though. (and where the heck is the red key?)


Level 2: Initiation
The title itself says it all: here the challenge begins. If you open the right door, you can start with picking up the shotgun and it's necessary bullets and you're gonna need them too, because behind the other door there are a lot of monsters waiting. In this level you'll need one key to open the other door, so there is actually one way to go so you won't get lost. It also might be handy to find the secret with rocket launcher, because there is also a baron (goat-like enemy), or more, dependent on the level you play.


Level 3: Sequence
Original titles, don't you think? Yes, this level is a sort of sequence to the previous one. Only this time the red, blue and yellow door are right behind each other and the keys are obtainable without any other key. So in which order you take them doesn't matter. The red key is easy; yellow is hidden; and blue is mean. Beware and all will work out well...


Level 4: Telemaze
Now it's getting tough. First of all this is a true maze of teleports. Because of the symmetrical rooms you sometimes do not have the slightest idea which way you have to go to; me too even (as builder of the level). The only escape to orientation is looking to the map. But you could also choose not to do this to make it a bit harder for yourself (which I always do). Now, what's behind these doors doesn't wave friendly to you. There isn't any time to get acquainted with the room you enter, you'll have to blast immediately. Again you may choose in which order you take the keys, but in this case when you open the three key-doors, you're just still not there yet...


Level 5: Drainage
If you made it to this level, you're just fully loaded with weapons, ammo and health. So we have to do something about that. This is in all ways a monstrous level. There are no power ups, no weapons, no doors, no human enemies, but a lot of other strong monsters. Try to find your way through and past them and try to get to the exit as fast as you can. Hint: do not head for a high kill ratio! Move on if you can, otherwise you simply won't make it.


C'est tout. Should you choose to play them, I hope you'll enjoy it, but actually I'm also sure of that.