Scenarios for Civilization II

Scenario #1: Dinosaurs II

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The makers of Civ2 have made scenarios themselves with dinosaurs, but I've used the pictures of them to build my own scenario: it all takes on Earth and it's a standard game, only one player is the dinosaurs. the goal: to conquer the world, but with these dinosaurs, that's not so easily done (unless you yourself is the dinosaur race)! Eventually you can win by developing fast, because the dinosaurs are no match against modern weaponry.

Dinosaurs II

Scenario #2: The Stralandic Civil War

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In this scenario you're one of the six small nations on the island of present Straland. On this island the north was fighting against the south and through victory of the north (Stra) the island was united. Goal of this scenario: again to conquer 'the world'/this island. Because of the weird shape of this island it's also fun to play for people who don't know Straland, I hope. The next picture is a link to a bigger (real size) version of the same map.

Map of Straland

Scenario #3: 1 on 1

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This is a terribly simple scenario, but also a funny challenge: it all takes place on the smallest map possible with two shores and two countries: the English and the Germans. Goal: conquer the other. The problem is that both countries possess all technologies, but hardly have any defense (one mech. inf. every city). So you have to choose: quickly build a good defense or try to take advantage of the others weak defense.

Very fun to play against each other.